Thursday, February 23, 2017

Installing Windows Live Writer

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Please read the whole post before trying to install Windows Live Writer!

Nothing should ever be easy…  I needed a blogger program for my windows computer to make it easier to start blogging. Especially adding screenshots to the blog needed to be easier.

I thought Windows live writer should do it! But…  why should it just work!?!

I went to the download page:


pressed Download and started the installer:


Couldn’t install programs
please try installing windows live programs again
Error: OnCatalogResult: 0x80190194
Next steps: n unknown error occured

Well, there’s a solution for this, download the offline installer for Windows Live Writer 2015:



Choose the programs to install


Deselect everythnig except Writer




Here’s where I got stuck! I found some tips about lowering the secutiry on the google account allowing more unsecure applications too connect:


well, it did not work! Someone wrote that Writer didn’t support Blogger anymore and perhaps is that correct!

Uninstall and try another application called Open Live Writer:


Easy to install and support for Googles Blogger and login through Google account!

This post is my first with Open Live Writer and I can assure You that it’s not the last one!

Have a nice day!

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